Are you looking for getting rich in life? Or are you rich, but somewhere there is a lack always in the mind and reality? We as human beings need many things to buy be it your clothes, house, a luxury or even a daily need. There is the science of getting rich. 

Starting your day in the morning from a toothbrush, and toothpaste to a bed to lie down in the night, you need money to buy things.

Is it bad to be on the lookout for money? Is it bad to be rich? What is your current financial state? Do Nature / Supreme Lord or life wants you to live that way? Is this your destiny?

Or even if you have a lot of money somewhere you make a lot of bad decisions and ruin your money. Are these the questions in your mind?

If these are the questions in your mind there is an exact science to getting rich. There is a method of mathematics multiplication, subtraction, and addition.

If you do things in a certain way you are bound to get rich or at least will set your path right in the process of getting rich.

In Hindu Mythology, there is the thought “One is all and all is one.” We are the part of supreme consciousness and that supreme consciousness is permeated in us. Sum total of ours is that supreme and the division of that supreme is us. Based on this thought, experience from personal life, excerpts, and guidance from the Book “The Science of getting rich” by Wallace D Wattles let’s unveil the process.

To understand the process first understand and assume the statement “One is all and all is one.”

The objective of life is development. Every person can become, should become what he wants to become. The objective of life is development.

If You see any seed, any creature, or anything on this earth, you will observe development. Going back to the same premise as we are the fragmented part of that “supreme one”, our development is essential for the development and fulfillment of the supreme.

It is through us only that the “supreme one” is able to fulfill its objectives of fulfillment. Thus the desire for abundance and rich life is the desire of that supreme.


Here are the 10 Secret Steps to get Rich and abundant in life



We have the body to fulfill deeds and actions. Life finds fulfillment by feeding not just one but all three. the body is fed through food, clothing, and other requirements.

The mind needs intellectual adventure through books, thoughts, and discussions.

The soul needs love for its fulfillment. A soul is part of some non-local intelligence that is the seat of emotions. You can offer love through giving only and not by taking.

Life finds fulfillment through you by feeding the trio. To feed the mind, body, and soul requires money because the basic of the three is a body.

So money is one of the ingredients for life to fulfill its own purpose through you.




Thought is the only power that can produce substance. We are living in a thought Universe. A thought in a substance is creating a thought to be something else.

Assuming the same premise, there is one original stuff from which all stuff is formed. The thought of the house in your mind will not create a house right away for you. A thought of House in your mind will put your resources into action. That, in turn, will create thoughts in this universe to provide you with the ways and means to create a house.

The mastery here is to live with the thought of richness in poverty and thought of health in disease.

When you are able to create and live the desired thoughts you have gained the mastery of Thoughts.

We can create what we want to create because abundance, richness, and development is the law of the Universe.



The urge of life is to do more and add more. Living a life of abundance and fulfillment is living the law of life. Life finds fulfillment and expression through abundance, growth, and development.

You are not looking to be rich to be stupendous. Your desire to get rich is not only to help others. To get rich is to live, eat, and merry only.

You are getting rich to make your life fulfilled. You have to make the most of yourself and help others.

To make the most of yourself and the supreme wants you to be rich. The “Supreme One” finds its advancement and development through you.



Many people live with competitive thought because we are subconsciously trained to live competitively. Since childhood, you trained to get 1st rank in the class because once that is occupied you cannot get that.

Do not think that all opportunities and supplies are limited. There is abundance always in nature. There is enough to feed everyone’s requirements. It is not the case that if you do not take a piece of land you will be deprived of the land. The land will be given to you may be another one.

Never think that if another person occupies something you will be deprived of that. Do not look at the present supply of anything. There is always abundant and too much to feed all your needs.

If you are looking for a position to occupy it will be given to you. Do not look for snatching from others. Pay more than you take from others.

Look for paying more cash value to others for the service you take. You need to convey your idea to the “supreme one”.

If you are an employee try to deliver more than you are being paid. If you are an employer try to pay more than you receive. The received value should always be less than the paid value.



Gratitude i.e is being grateful will bring you in harmony with nature. You will move from competitive to creative thought.

The direct relation can be understood from the point that if you focus on disadvantage and lack you are actually focusing on the competitive attitude. Ask from the supreme one that permeates in all substances.

The more you get and the more you are grateful for, the more will be given to you. The ideology here is not ingratitude only when you receive something.

You should always be in gratitude mode if you want more and more showers of what you desire. You need to believe that there is one intelligent substance from which all substances originate.



Like the rule of science, an action has an equal and opposite reaction. When you are grateful for anything there is an action on your end and so does the reaction.

You get all things that you again become grateful for. When you are in the complaining mode, disappointment, lack, and fear mode your action is negative. So what you generate is the vicious circle of lack, fear, complaints, and disappointment.

Fix your attention on the best and you will generate and become the best. We are thinking substance and in order to receive the best, you should have gratitude with faith. So, do ask and receive.

Gratitude permeates all. Whatever you focus on increases. If you focus on the best, you get the best and become the best.




There has to be clear thinking of what you want to do. A clear and definite picture is the key to asking. See those things as if you already own them.

If you want success and to be rich. Define the amount of money, and see the mental picture of what you would be doing assuming you have achieved that amount now. Meditate upon those thoughts.

For example- if you are a trainer, see that you are training thousands and thousands of people. You are moving to the corridors of an airport lounge. You have the back-to-back flights and then you are enjoying the time relaxing in a beautiful hotel. Money is coming to you naturally and with ease.

Dwell on your mental picture and see that you already own it. Do not have a wavering mind that this is not real. Imagine the proper desired financial environment all the time.



When you are looking for changing your financial blueprint use the methods on yourself only. If you want to bear the fruits of your thoughts apply your thoughts to yourself only.

You cannot apply your thoughts to change the sunrise. You cannot use your thoughts to change the laws of nature. If physical slavery is a slavery so do is mental.

The moment you try to create hurt or lack for another person mentally you go against the law of the universe. You enter into the process of a competitive mind.

You have to move away from being competitive to a creative mind. If you think that giving money to poor people will solve poverty. You are wrong because you are focusing on poverty only.

They need your inspiration and support to move ahead in life. They need your upliftment. You have to teach someone to catch fish not just give a fish to eat.



Going back to again “supreme one” and his work, you can complete its work by action. Man in this world requires action for the fulfillment of life.

You cannot work in past and you cannot work in the future. You can work in the present only. Do not look for the right perfect moment.

If you are in a business and feel that, it is the wrong business do not hold just the mental image of the right business. Act in the present business each day and each hour and each minute. All your right actions will take you to the right business.

If you are an employee and looking for the right job, hold on to the vision but keep acting on each element of your present job. Your present successful efforts will take you to the future right job.

Your action and faith should go hand in hand. Working during work hours and producing a mental image during leisure hours is the secret to getting rich.




Universe has a law of perpetual increase and continuous advancement. If you want advancement in your life, activate the thoughts of advancement and increase in each transaction you do. Be it a very small transaction give the thought of inspiration and increase.

Feel that you are getting rich and helping others. Associate yourself with the increase and wish richness and advancement for every person.

Each person should feel inspired, advanced, and good with you. One should feel that there is an advancement and inspiration after meeting you.

A doctor is successful when he cures a patient and wishes good health for him. With faith, he can cure curable diseases. A teacher advances in life and reaches fulfillment when he inspires and advances his students.



The science of getting rich is a science based on certain facts and laws. There are certain assumptions because we do not see the working process.

Like we know there is electricity but we cannot see electricity. Process and science start with a mental thought of richness and abundance. If you want to receive the actions of your thoughts go with the creative mind and not the competitive mind.

Once you receive something or whatever you have, be grateful for that. Gratitude will bring you more and make you connected with nature and its law. For every thought, there has to be action.

Act now to receive now and complete it transaction with inspiration, advancement, and increase.

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