5 Ways To Improve Your Communication Skills

Do you want to improve your communication skills?

Do you feel improving your skills is very important?

This is no communication class to teach you something about communication.

This article is written to help you communicate effectively with people

Here are the 5 ways on how to communicate effectively:


According to John Maxwell, the No.1 criteria for advancement and promotion of professionals is the ability to communicate effectively. If you want to communicate connect.

Try connecting with people. Pick up your mobile and call someone. Go to someone’s home and speak up. Do you remember the Airtel advertisement few years ago?

The tag line there was “Express Yourself”. So express yourself. The more you express and connect better is your communication.


RASA is the sanskrit word that means the juice.

It could be elaborated as Receive, appreciate, summarize and ask.

Whenever you are communicating with someone bring the RASA or the juice.

Receive what other person is giving and sending you through communication.

Appreciate the other person while he / she is communicating with you.

In between summarize what other person said and ask questions. When you ask questions the person will understand that you are interested in him / her.


The best thing you can do is to lift up the energy of people around you. The world is full of toxicity and breakdown. If you can lift up the energy you are an effective communicator.

Use the language of leadership. Talk about what you love to do. Talk about your futuer. Talk about opportunities. Talk about the things that are working in life.

According to Joh Don – I don’t know what i think until I write it down.

You can create two columns on a piece of paper and write down the languages.

The language of Victim Hood

Language of Leadership
My life is not giving me the real returnsTogether we can make a great day

My friends and family are worst people

My real asset is my work Wow!
People are basically bad and they cheatI won this project. I am really happy


Rapport is power. Tony Robbins talks about “Match and Mirror”. Rapport is created by feeling of commonality.

Percentage of communication through words is 7% only. 93% is non verbal communication i.e what you do not say

Dr. Ericson says – People like people who are like themselves or how they would like to be.

People do not like people who are not like them or who they do not want to be.

So build rapport and mirror people during conversations.


According to Les Brown if you can define who you are? What you have and why should I care can give boost to your communication.

So define what you really want. What is your code of honor or your value system.

Tell people what you have and why should people listen to you.


So connect with people and build rapport. Talk the language of leadership and define yourself.

Let me how this article has helped you.

What are your views? How you can you improve the communication?

Share what is working in your life.

Watch the video and be interactive.

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