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First of all, One life to success is a mission to spread positivity and elevate people mentally and financially to success. There is nothing in this life without positivity.

Why Positivity? Why be positive? Seems like a word for selected few only. But in reality, it is not. Maybe we simply can discard this word but we cannot disrespect the messages normally we hear in our minds. Is it a word just for someone who has accomplished all worldly desires and now trying for this concept? Or this is for anyone or everyone? Rather it is for all ages and all-pervasive.

You can take positivity as the very essence of life. Nature thrives on abundance and positivity.

Hence it for all and everyone to focus towards the self and look for the internal desires and messages.

Immerse yourself in the ideology of positivity with the right attitude to meet desired results in the outer world.

Let us start our mission to spread positivity and work on life skills right attitude to success.

Inside and the outside world

Many times we take actions and do not even know that we have done something unconsciously. Hence, the more consciousness or sense of being takes the front seat to understand the inside world of a human or self.

The external world is the world that we see from eyes and internal world is felt from inside, as a result, there is always a balance required.

“Our Vision” is to stay positive and stay as a student of life spreading the joy, love, support, care, and help.

Thus the Humanity, the call for the service drives us. One Life to success is a mission to look at life with abundance.


The idea impregnated in 2017 to open up a website to convey to the world, what it is and how together we can live life with positivity and the right attitude to success.

Being a motivator student of life there is always a lot to learn and share. As the world needs people, we all need the support of each other.

The author’s passion and experiences of positivity and right framework of mind motivated to create an online presence One life to Success.

The author hails from the Land of Gods – “Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand”.


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