How To Be Successful In Life?

Are You Looking At Making Your Dreams A Reality In The Coming Year?

Revisit the previous year and take steps to be successful. In case you are not taking the right steps, you may either be afraid or repeat the same steps.

How do you define success?

How to be successful in life?

If you think success is all about money, wealth, and power only. You might be wrong.

Success is a relative term that means different for different people.

Although there are many guides and books to be successful, you only have your definition and success shared.

One can theoretically tell you what a bow and arrow is and How they shoot an arrow forward.  Till you have a bow and arrow in your hand, and you do it yourself, it is not yours.

Cultivate Positive Relationships From Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of America: “ The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.”

You do not have to be the smartest person in the room but the most supporting person in the room to be successful.

Founder of Walt Disney Company: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” Success has to be something you can imagine yourself achieving.

JC Penny, Founder of JC Penney Inc., said, “Unless you will drench yourself in your work beyond the capacity of the average man, you are just not cut out for positions at the top. “success is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration” or you may have heard about the 10,000 hours idea. 


Where are you now?

If your past may haunt you, it may be difficult for you to imagine success. Every day out of 60000 thoughts, 54000 thoughts are negative.

You may be overburdened with negative things, and you keep on rehearsing the same things repeatedly.

Negativity attracts negativity, and positivity attracts positivity.

Vibrate with a higher frequency of positive thoughts.

Now you have your Launchpad for Success.

1. Visualise Your Success

Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Let’s visualize the following things:

  • Visualize your Success. See yourself enjoying and feeling your feelings.
  • What will success create for you and the surrounding people?
  • What do you require to adapt to new circumstances? It might be an attitude, a way of dealing with things, some gains, or losses.
  • Now think of how you will deal with the additional responsibilities once you attain what you visualized.
  • Imagine your contribution to society, and what you will leave behind for the generations to imitate.
  • A clear vision of a successful life in front of you is the actual key.

2. Define What You Want

Suppose you do not know where you want to go. Any road will lead you there. Imagining your success and your happiness will only work once you clearly define what you want.

Be specific and do not say “I want success”. Define your goals. Define what you want to achieve in life.

List out all accomplishments you want to have in the coming year. It may be related to your work, job, business, or personal life. Define it.

Set your ambitious goals, every success story starts with a goal, a purpose, or an objective, right? (

Why? Because even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.

3. Become Proactive

A good habit to cultivate is to proactively ask for feedback often so that you can use it to improve yourself.

If you see your life it is connecting the dots backward and looking forward with creativity, innovation, decision-making, and being proactive.

Unless you do what is required life will settle to the normal undreamed one.

4. Stay Motivated

What food is to the body, good thoughts are to the mind. Your mind needs positive thoughts to reach your goal.

Assume you are going to the interview. If you are very positive and motivated and assured of your success, you will commute to the interview location’s most fabulous way. You will have all positive self-talk with you. In case you are not sure of the outcome, you will think all things like–why I am going for the interview? I do not have preparation. I lack motivation. If you have these thoughts, very fewer chances are that you may even reach the destination.

5. Live with Integrity

Define your core values in life. All values must be positive. You cannot achieve success by demeaning others or taking the fruit of others’ hard work.

Define your honest and moral principles. Once you declare to yourself and the world, you command authority in the mind of others. You never know when someone can join or help you with your goal.

6. Empower People

You are here because of someone. Your parents, teachers, and circumstance empowered you. Now it is your turn to empower someone. Be that person to provide empowerment to people. One act or service (Sewa) will light up your heart inside out. The more you empower people, the more you empower yourself.

7. Comfort Zone: a Dangerous zone

There is no shortcut to doing the work. If you want to be the best runner, go out and run on the track. Being home and visualizing the track will give some results, but the actual results will come when you are out on the track.

As Truman Capote once wrote, “Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.” The more you venture out of your comfort zone as an entrepreneur, the higher the likelihood you have of making mistakes.

The Comfort zone is a killer zone.

Kill your comfort and win your success.

8. No One But You

No one but you is responsible for your success.

No one will make you happy, but your success will.

Work like No One Else Does If you want to achieve something that no one else has achieved, break the glass ceiling and do something out of the ordinary. (

No one else is walking in your shoes.

9. Follow Successful People

If you follow successful people, success will come. If you follow unsuccessful people, failure will come.

Decide your successful people. Surround yourself with successful ones.

Motivation is the biggest asset and has it.

Even successful people have fear, but a specific mindset will win the fear.

In the movie 3 Idiots Actor, Aamir Khan says the heart usually is fearful. So say to it, “All is well.”

Start with doing some research and study successful people who did something in the same realm of what you are striving to achieve. (

Give up on saying YES to things that don’t support your goals Successful people know that in order to accomplish their goals, they will have to say NO to certain tasks, activities, and demands from their friends, family, and colleagues. (

Start becoming a successful person.

10. Do You Have A Growth Mindset

Maintaining a growth mindset allows you to take every opportunity that you have to be a better employee, student, spouse, parent, doctor, writer, or whatever. (

Invest daily to develop a growth mindset, gain new knowledge, learn new skills, and change their perception so it can benefit their lives. (

Those who have a growth mindset can feel that they can change, grow, and learn through effort. (

11. If You want to Learn then Teach

To be successful in life, learn a new skill each day. Be a student of life. To know, to teach. Whatever you learn, teach that. Teaching will make you learn. Use your skills and start teaching people and the masses.

12. One Important Thing

The power of one is significant. The one important thing to mention is the very subtle difference between success and failure.

The important thing about your success is you are the creator of it and uniquely positioned to live it.

13. Program Your Conscious and Subconscious mind

The key to success is to focus our conscious minds on things we desire, not things we fear. (

Program yourself for personal success. You can change your life with one crucial goal, a pattern, and a template in your subconscious mind. (

In “ The Power of your subconscious mind ”, Dr. Joseph Murphy sums it up brilliantly: “ What is impressed in the subconscious is expressed.” (

Albert Einstein once said, “ Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious mind .”

Keep telling your subconscious mind about the goals you want to achieve in myriad ways, and you eventually achieve that goal sooner than you think. (

14. Believe In Your Dreams And Work On Your Action Plan

Believe in your dream and yourself. Many times you think of asking A, B, C, or D to decide whether to go ahead.

A may motivate you. B may demotivate you. C will motivate you, and D might be neutral. Now what you do is delay your plan of action.

The fruit of all visualization techniques is your action plan. You may be motivated, or lack confidence goes ahead and plants your seeds.

Once you achieve milestones, your confidence and motivation will leap jump.

15. Break Your Mental Barrier

If you do and think differently this breaks your mental barrier.

You cannot allow external forces to block your success because there is always a way to bypass any issue that you face–and the issue is most often a mental barrier that only you can control. (

The solution almost always comes from removing a mental barrier in your head. (

16. Toxic is Toxic

Stay away from toxic people in your life. Try alienating them and see yourself growing as fast as possible.

17. Become Resourceful And Reframe The Tough Situation

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines resourcefulness as being able to deal well with new or difficult situations and to find solutions to problems. (

Reframe difficult situations and see them as opportunities to learn, grow, and be open to change. When plans or situations change, step back and look back and become courageous. (

When you face a difficult situation, look at the bright side of the situation.

18. Create a Roadmap

You can reset your life and live your full potential by being adaptable. (

To become successful faster, you first need a road map for your career. (

19. Will power Power You

When you accomplish more tasks with renewed wisdom, you grow as a person. When you overcome setbacks and build your resilience and strength, you will power improves. (

Because we’re HUMANS and as humans, we are naturally cognitive misers and have limited willpower. (

A comparison was done about how the subjects in the research fared throughout childhood and into adulthood. Researchers found that those who ultimately were the most successful in life shared some key characteristics, including perseverance and willpower. (

20. No Multitasking

You might have been hearing for a long that you love doing many things at a time. You believe that successful people are multi-taskers. Partially, you are true. All multi-taskers do many things, but they focus on one thing at a time. One act, one task, was given 100 percent leads to successful accomplishment.

21. Your Passion is Everything

Your passion is like the thread of the candle. Without thread, the candle will not burn and has no meaning. Find your thread and keep burning. Everyone has a passion for something. In case you do not know your genuine passion. Find out the ways and means to uncover your passion. Your passion is everything in this life that will keep you alive.

22. Be Regular and Consistent

Consistency is the key. Keep tilling your land and sowing the seeds each day. One day your seeds will become plants, and plants will become trees. An action a day for your goal will give you all the above ingredients. Your action will keep you motivated. Help you keep your goal alive. It will motivate you to empower people and teach, and you will only believe but live your dreams.

23. Take the Baby Steps

Now that you have your plan ready, take baby steps.

If you do not take baby steps to achieve success, you will not be sure about it is worth chasing or doing something you truly want. Fail faster and move master.


Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam Said, “Dream Dream Dream. Thoughts convert into action, and action converts into reality.” Keep visualizing your success.

Bruce Lee–Actor, director, and martial arts instructor, was the most influential person of the 20th Century. At 21, he was living in a small basement room. At 32, he had in his possession $10,000,000.

He wrote a letter to himself in 1970–I will achieve world fame, and from then onwards until the end of 1980, I will have in my possession $10,000,000. I will live the way I please and achieve inner harmony and happiness.

Find and live your passion. You will have what you desire. You will even have what you have visualized. Become your Bruce Lee. Become yourself.

I hope this article might have inspired you to succeed.

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