How Overthinking affected me for 6 Months and I dealt with it practically after all my efforts

How to stop

Did someone ask me — how to stop overthinking?

It is not my domain to answer but as a mentor, it is my duty to answer this for my mentees. I am not an expert on this topic.

You want to stop overthinking as it is giving you pain. At times you are drained, sucked, and powerless. I was also being in the same boat.

Lately, I have been facing this issue personally too.

It is the right time that someone asked me this question at the right time.

For the last 6 months, I have been living with a lot of thoughts and with a lot of thoughts to the level of being unbearable sometimes.

I kept looking for answers inside and outside.

Let me share some pointers that helped me and might help you if this is the question in your mind.

1. Thoughts are created inside the mind. It is said that there are 60000 thoughts in a day. You can google this to find out.

2. All this system of thoughts is automatic. If you feel you are doing it you are mistaken. It is automatic and as natural as your breathing.

3. Now as you have thoughts there is a voice inside too constantly saying/speaking to you. You might say constant Chatter.

4. The quality of your mind is constantly from past to future. Wherever you are would like to avoid. Suddenly a thought would come to you out of know where about your past. If that past was good then you might compare that with your present. There is pain. If your past was bad then another loop opens up. Now you will feel bad about yourself. You will feel guilty and even insult yourself inside. All this is happening inside but not outside.

5. You are stuck in a thinking feeling loop. The circle goes round and round.

6. Thought, feelings, and emotions overpower you, and you become powerless, weak, drained and at times you go to the level of deep discomfort, pain, sadness, grief, and even further acute levels.


I found these solutions as the solutions that might help you.

1. Power of now — Read the book (Power of now by Ekart Tolle). He says and I also realized that it is only in this present moment that there is no past and future.

2. Gratitude — being thankful for the almighty, god, or the nature you believe in.

3. Acceptance — What is that you are resisting at present? What are you not accepting?

4. Meditation / Mantra / connecting with your source — parents, the god/deity you believe in. The problem you are facing ….offer that to the almighty — let almighty take care.

These 4 may sound simple and you might say…I know already.

The simplest things are the ones to be practiced.

Sometimes the simplest things are difficult to practice.

What is your way of dealing with overthinking? What has helped you?